To satisfy the ever increasing demand for high speed cutting without compromising the quality of the finishing, Italdiamant has created a range of crown or continuous rim discs dedicated to porcelain stoneware or ceramic. It also produces special discs specifically for cutting slabs with thicknesses of 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 12, 20, 30 mm. In these cases, perfect finishing is a must.
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Cutting Blades for Porcelain Gres

Standard blades for cutting ceramics and porcelain stoneware, available with different thickness and granulometry. These are flexible products fit to all the existing plants. The laser welding, moreover, grants a greater seal and consequently the utmost safety while using them.

Specific Blades for High-Speed Cutting

Specific blades for high-speed cutting. The laser welding allows a maximum security. Narrow slot blade for a very clean cut. The laser inserts on the steel core to give a minimum vibrations.

Zero Cutting Blades

Specific blades for precision cutting and optimum finish. The extra fine thickness, 1,0 mm. or 1,2 mm, is their distinctive quality. They are fit also to create particularly delicate mosaics or to be used under severe working conditions. The laser welding and the specific quality controls are fundamental in this type of products since they grant the maximum seal and working safety.

45° Cutting Blades

Specific blades for 45° cutting. Available in various diameters.

Cutting Blades Continuous Rim

Cutting blades with continuous rim with extremely precise cut. Available in various diamond grit.