Squaring and Chamfering

Squaring is the most traditional and best known phase of the production process for ceramic and porcelain stoneware, but it is still a critical and decisive phase. Today more than ever, the squaring lines must ensure large production volumes and long duration, to allow cost reduction. Italdiamant produces tools of various shapes and sizes that can be adapted to different equipment and configured with the maximum flexibility, depending on the desired parameters (speed, productivity and cutting ability).
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Resin Squaring Wheels

Resin wheels with continuous rim for squaring the ceramic and porcelain gres, with diameter 250 mm., thickness 40 mm and Resin wheels with continuous rim for chamfering with diameter 130 or 150 mm., thickness 40 mm.

Tangential Squaring Wheels

Frontal or tangential squaring grinding wheels of different granulometries depending on the materials to be worked.