Calibrating is just the first step in the processing of the engineered stone and quartz, but it is fundamental, for both the top and bottom of the slab. It can eliminate any defects there may be from the moulding and prepares the material for the subsequent production phases. Italdiamant tools are constructed based on an in-depth knowledge of the production cycle and all the clients’ requirements. Cylindrical rollers, spiral rollers, "Paccodisk" rollers and calibration rings are constructed to achieve the highest levels of quality and efficiency in the finishing, while keeping strains on the transmission parts to a minimum.
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Paccodisk Spire Rollers

The cylindrical rollers with the "Paccodisk" system, personalized solutions and excellent performance make this Italdiamant product one of the most innovative in the sector.

Paccodisk Rollers

The cylindrical rollers with "Paccodisk" system, is the best solution that today Italdiamant offers on the market for attentive and demanding customers in terms of life and removal of the material. Italdiamant offers customized solutions adaptable to all the existing plants.

Rollers Rombi Series

Finishing cylindrical rollers, which are commonly assembled on the last stations of the calibrators to prepare the slab to the polishing phase. We suggest the Rombi Series to achieve an excellent material finish. Besides, the achieved low average roughness (RA) supports the working and the duration of the following polishing positions. Italdiamant suggests using also the diamond fickerts with this product for an optimal sequence also at high speeds.

Pads for Calibrating Rings

Wide range of pads with diamond segments of different bonds, also customized.