The large-format porcelain slabs have now become a popular product in all processing companies such as marble workers, fab shops, contractors.
Nowadays, customers are looking for a product able to increase productivity without losing the quality in the finish.
In a market still growing today, Italdiamant responds with a new solution: Evogres Next.
After several developments and the application of new industrial diamond technologies, we have finally managed to create a product so flexible that it can process all the materials, increasing the cutting speed more than double compared to the standards available in the market.

* Comparative table with our Standard and Plus line


Evogres Next is all this, but also much more.
What’s NEXT?
Evogres NEXT is the universal solution!

One of the main features is the possibility to process materials with different conformations such as marble, granite, quartz, quartzite, etc..with just one product at incredible results. This extreme flexibility has never been seen before in a diamond blade!.

*The graph represents the results of many tests performed on modern machinery and in the best working conditions.

Evogres Next

Evogres Next is already available!


Ask for an appointment with our local agent for a demonstration or contact our company at

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Our staff is more than willing to explain all the features of this new innovative product.

Evogres Next the revolution of diamond tools!


Evogres Next